Surprising foods and items that unexpectedly contain gluten...


Surprising Foods and Items That Unexpectedly Contain Gluten:

Ice cream: Many flavours of ice cream unexpectedly contain gluten.


Corn flakes: This cereal sounds safe because it’s made with corn. But often contain malt extract or flavouring. So, unfortunately, they do contain gluten.

Rice puffs: Rice puffs, just like corn flakes, often contain malt extract or flavouring.

Granola: When you buy oats, you need to look for oats that are specifically labelled gluten-free. But when you’re buying granola, there’s probably no way to ensure the granola uses gluten-free oats, not regular oats.

Couscous: Couscous is actually just small balls of semolina flour. That comes from the same durum wheat that goes into pasta and other gluten-containing ingredients.

Cornbread: You might think cornbread is safe for people with gluten sensitivities because it’s made with corn. But you just need to look at any basic recipe for cornbread to realize that cornbread doesn’t just contain cornmeal. It also contains all-purpose flour.

French fries: Many of the restaurant's fry, such as chicken or hush puppies, are coated in a batter that contains wheat flour. So fries can get cross-contaminated with gluten just by getting fried in the same oil.

Potato chips: Some potato chip seasonings may contain malt vinegar or wheat starch.

Processed meats: Many hot dogs, for instance, don’t contain gluten ingredients. But some can get cross-contaminated somewhere along the production line. Some pre-formed hamburger patties contain grains — and therefore gluten. Bacon can get cross-contaminated and sometimes uses liquid smoke flavour that contains barley malt powder. And though most sausage manufacturers don’t use gluten ingredients, few can guarantee their sausages aren’t made in the same facility or on shared equipment with gluten-containing foods.

Salad dressings: Routinely contain all kinds of gluten sources. Some incorporate malt vinegar. Others use soy sauce. And still, others use flour as a thickener.

Meat substitutes: many popular meat substitutes — including veggie burgers, vegetarian sausage, imitation bacon, and imitation seafood — are made with seitan. Seitan is actually wheat gluten, exactly what you’re trying to avoid. A safer alternative is tofu. Tofu is gluten-free. Just be cautious of soy sauce marinades and cross-contamination when the tofu is fried.

Shampoo – Many gluten-containing ingredients are considered to be healthy for the hair, including ingredients made from wheat, barley and rye. Watch out for shampoos that include any of those grain-based oils, or oat-based ingredients, as the oats they use may not be gluten-free. What you scrub into your scalp does get inside your body, so choose carefully.


Mustard – Some prepared mustards contain wheat flour. Check the ingredients label to make sure yours doesn’t.

Ground spices – Many spice mixes (curry powder, Cajun spice mix etc.) contain gluten as an anti-caking agent.

Instant coffee and other drinks – Many instant coffee brands contain gluten as a bulking agent, and powdered milk also contains wheat.


Liquorice – Some liquorice brands include wheat flour as a binding agent.


Alcohol – Many alcohols are made from gluten-containing grains. While the distillation process should theoretically get rid of gluten proteins, not all companies distil their products thoroughly enough to do so.

Vitamin supplements. As with prescription medications and cosmetics, gluten may appear in vitamin supplements purely as a binding agent.


Pickles. “The problem with pickles is beer,” . And you thought you were being so good by cutting out the suds. Some pickling processes include malt vinegar (a beer-like liquid), which may contain gluten.

Chewing Gum – Some brands use flour to coat pieces of gum to keep them from sticking to the packages.

It may surprise You how many things are containing hidden gluten

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