Sugar-Free,No Added Sugar, Light, traps of healthy eating

Traps of healthy eating - because if no sugar and no fat, then with what instead?

How can food label claims and descriptions be misleading ?

Products with no added sugar:

The producer's declaration "with no added sugar" should simply be treated with reserve, say, "I check: if not sugar, then what?"

The fact that the product does not contain added sugar does not mean that there is no sugar in it - a reliable indicator is only information on the actual sugar content

coming from all ingredients.

The spread of sugar content in products without its addition is vast. Ranging from bitter chocolates without added sugar,( which contains negligible amounts of it),

through milk chocolates without added sugar, which include about 15% -20% sugar from milk (lactose) ), to fruit bars based on dried fruit, which can consist even of half

of the sugar.

Does all this mean that "without added sugar" is fake? Absolutely not! First of all, if the criterion you are following when making food choices is to give up refined white

sugar, not sugar as such - you can entirely satisfy the manufacturer's declaration that no white sugar was added to the product. Secondly, the fact that no sugar has

been added can and often means that the sugar content of the finished product is relatively low. Thirdly, in some instances replacing white sugar with another form of

sugar - e.g. coconut sugar, agave syrup or honey has a real impact on reducing the glycemic index.

Sugar-free products

The opposite of products "with no added sugar" are products "without sugar" - those that do not contain either added table sugar or its source products - dried fruits,

honey or fruit syrups. How is it that the sugar-free product is sweet? This is due to the addition of sweeteners. Their advantage over table sugar is low or even very low

calorific value and no effect on carbohydrate metabolism (an essential function for people with diabetes and people with insulin resistance). Also, the sugar alcohols

most often used instead of sugar do not cause caries, and such as xylitol have the bactericidal effect recommended for Helicobacter Pylori infection. Warning! Foods

containing more than 10% of added polyhydric alcohols can cause a laxative effect, therefore in such situations, it is mandatory to mark such a product correctly.

If something is sweet - it contains a source of sweetness. This source is either sugar or sweetener. The sugar can be refined, or crude, low or high glycemic, high or low-

processed, and the sweetener can be synthetic or natural, but sweetness always means that at least one of the two sweetness sources has been added to the product.

Do not be fooled that it can be different.

"Light" products

Light products do not always mean healthy. By definition "light", products should have reduced calorific value by at least 30% compared to their traditional version.

Unfortunately, there are some legal loopholes that food producers eagerly use and add to their products, not always good additives.

The dietetic products remove crucial nutrients, for the proper functioning of the body, such as fats. Without fats we are unable to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K. As a

result, we eat entirely worthless regarding nutritional products that cause that it gradually worsens our state of health and well-being.

All products "0%" are a source of many artificial additives, because after removing fat, sugar or salt from them, a gap is created, which should be filled with


For this purpose, artificial dyes, thickeners, emulsifiers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and other chemical ingredients that affect the taste, consistency and

durability of food are used.

As a result, we are increasingly poisoning the body with harmful food additives that not only cause allergies but also can promote the development of many diseases. If

you want to eat healthily, it is worth taking a conscious approach to shopping and reading labels. It is best to compare the composition of a traditional product and its

dietetic version - it often turns out that in light products the list of ingredients is even a dozen or so positions longer than in the traditional one!

Healthy eating does not have to eliminate fat, carbohydrates or salt. These ingredients are necessary in proper amounts for the appropriate functioning of the body, so it is worth putting on reason, not fashion, which is not always beneficial to our health.‍‍‍

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