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a 'little' about me

My name is Agy, the owner of food-e-land.

I’m a qualified chef and a nutrition consultant & I looove cooking!

Suffering for 8 years with chronic digestive issues lead me to being diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance and IBS but no Celiac Disease.

Few years after I discovered I cannot eat gluten, my younger son has developed type 1 diabetes.

Thank the lord that I love to experiment in the kitchen and mother nature gives us so many goodies and flavours so I can learn about them and adapt to our needs.

You're welcome to read the whole story using the button below, trust me, its quite the rollercoaster!

full story


Just because you're unique doesn't mean you can't eat damn tasty food.

When I first went gluten-free in 2014 I found it difficult to find recipes that were easy to make.

A lot of the recipes had expensive, hard to find ingredients that took a lot of time to cook.

I struggled for a years with finding recipes that actually work and taste good and ultimately decided to take things into my own hands.

Food-e-Land was created out of passion for cooking and the will to help others who may suffer with similar food intolerances as my family and I.

You'll find

Tasty and simple food, gluten-free, dairy-free,
sugar-free, vegan and more.

Easy recipes from around the World

I love to pick up new cuisines and spices from around the world
so you won't find any bland recipes here!

you will not find a flawed recipe here

I write down the recipes very precisely because I believe that it is extremely important in gluten-free cooking. This ensures all the macronutrients are accurate and also the food comes out the same every single time.

clever cooking

With years of cooking experience, I've developed some skills and tricks that aren't commonly shared around so you'll learn tricks that will make cooking simple, easy and even fun.

natural ingredients

Natural Ingredients are becoming less consumed due to the rise of quick meals and fast-foods, however the natural ingredients are the ones that keep us energetic and wanting to live.

I do my best to include as many natural ingredients as possible so you can enjoy the goodness of a healthy recipes including all the fabulous natural goodies mother earth has provided us with.

interesting facts about food and heALTH

As I keep learning on this journey, I get to find out a handful of interesting food & health facts I'll get to share in my infobox with you! Exciting.


Knowing your nutrition in and out can be time consuming but with practice and the current technology it becomes much easier than you think.

My recipes all have the correct macronutrients for you to track easily and save in your favourite tracker.

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