Gluten-free 3-tier Kiwi Cake

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Why This one

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I had to think of some quick cake for Father's Day as I had not much time and surprisingly I have created this beauty which so far is my favourite cake. Even if looks very complicated is actually easy to make, plus you can use any style and items You like. You can use ready sponge mix as I did, your own sponge recipe or any of my recipes for the sponge. You can pipe cream using whichever tip you like or style and decorate using any g/f chocolate item you want. It is a very FREESTYLE cake. The most important is to have 3, round, different size baking trays.



2 packets gluten-free sponge mix, any brand

Usually You need eggs and margarine to add to ready mix

600 ml whipping cream

150 g fresh spinach

2 tsp matcha powder

10 fresh kiwi`s

Any gluten-free chocolate items for decorations

THE how to make


1. Blend the spinach with 100 ml of water

2. Drain on the sieve so You will get just-juice without bits of spinach

3. Divide spinach juice into two equal portions

4. Prepare sponge mix as directed on the packet or use Your own recipe

5. Add half spinach juice into the sponge mix

6. Divide sponge mix into three baking trays ( For example 6 inches, 8inch, and 10 inches)

7. Bake three sponges. Cool them down

8. Whip the cream, when the cream is nearly ready add matcha powder and other half spinach juice

9. Gently finish whipping until all cream will has green colour

10. Layer cream on each sponge using a piping bag with the tip of your choice

11. Cut 5 kiwi into small dice and spread into each layer of cream

12. Slice the other 5 kiwis and decorate the edges of the sponge between layers

13.If you have some leftover cream, pipe some around the edges of each layer, whatever way you like

14. Decorate with melted chocolate or any other g/f chocolate items ( balls, wafers, pieces of chocolate)

Gluten-free 3-tier Kiwi Cake

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