Gluten-free Valentines cake

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Why This one

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A four-layer cake full of surprises. Each layer is a different taste experience. It started with the fact that I had a cheese mix left from sugar-free cheesecake for my son. Then I found blended poppy seeds and dried fruit in the fridge. Maybe I should call it left over cake but it came so nice that I have decided to make it as my special Valentine`s cake. In the recipe You will discover what are the other two layers. Cake is amazing, colourful, moist and unbeatable.



1st layer :

160 g baby rice cereal

125g margarine

2 eggs

50 g sugar

1 tbsp baking powder

140g desiccated coconut

2nd layer :

4 eggs

50g sugar

200g blended poppy seeds

2 tbsp corn flour (corn starch)

3rd layer :

1 mascarpone cheese (250 g)

1 ricotta cheese (250 g )

2 sugar-free strawberry jelly (powder,50g)

4th layer:

300ml thick custard (best cook by yourself with 1/4 less milk than on instruction)

150 g soft spread or margarine


2 packets cooking chocolate

white and red icing fondant

THE how to make


1st layer :

1. Mix all ingredients together until they combine together

2. Leave for 15 minutes in the fridge

3. Spread it on a round baking tray lined with paper.

2nd layer:

1. Beat egg whites to stiff foam, at the end when foam nearly ready add corn flour

2. Beat egg yolks with sugar, until white and smooth mass come

3. Place blended poppy seeds in the bowl, add yolk and white foams

4. Mix gently

5. Pour on top of 1st layer

6. Bake in 190 degrees for 25-30 minutes (depends on oven)

7. Once ready cool it down,

8. In mean time prepare next layer

3th layer:

1. Cook thick custard with 1/4 less milk than on instruction

2. Cool it down

3. Mix together with soft spread or room temperature margarine until smooth

4. When first two layers are cold spread custard on them

5. If custard is to soft let it settle in the fridge for a while

4th layer:

1. Dissolve jelly powder in 150 ml hot water, cool down

2. Place in the bowl both cheeses

3. Mix cheeses together slowly adding cold jelly until smooth mass comes

4. Pour on top of custard

5. Leave in the fridge for couple of hours

I have decorated with white fondant icing layer on top, red fondant icing hearts and melted chocolate sides, but everyone can use own imagination

Gluten-free Valentines cake

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